Cashier Pays For Veteran’s Items, Even Though It Was More Than His Hourly Wage

Tim McKellar was waiting in line at his local dollar store when he realized that the man at the register was having problems with his debit card. He had forgotten his PIN number and was getting flustered as his card was declined again and again. He tried a few different combinations, and the woman behind him offered to help out, but in the end, he just couldn’t remember it at all…that’s when the cashier shocked everyone in line, and Tim just had to snap a picture.

That’s when the cashier, Jacob, pulled his wallet out and told the lady to scan his card which ended up working without any problem. The old man wearing his veteran hat was obviously confused and asked the kid if he had just bought his stuff totaling right at $20. Jacob said ‘Yes sir I did and you don’t owe me a dime.’ Now this kid obviously makes minimum wage or real close to it and probably didn’t have the extra money to spare. I thanked him for what he had done, asked for his name and took his picture. Let’s give this Good Samaritan the acknowledgement that he deserves.”

Would the cashier have paid the man’s tab if he hadn’t been wearing his veteran’s hat? We’ll never know, but his incredible act of kindness deserves to be praised! He didn’t do it for the recognition or to “go viral.” He did it out of respect for an old man who served his country with pride.

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