Cars Kept Driving INTO His Home, And He Was Fed Up! Wait Until You See WHY!

This whole crazy story starts with a question posted to an online forum: how do I get cars to stop driving INTO my house? Apparently, cars hit this man’s house more than normal, which would be a problem for any of us. The way he worded it seemed like his home was build next to a busy intersection…but when people clicked on the picture to take a closer look at his house, they were shocked. There is a road that literally runs THROUGH his home! It’s a small road that leads to a cemetery (the only road in and out) but if drivers don’t pay attention, the home gets hit. 7.20a6Recently, a car drove through his kitchen and destroyed everything. He was researching Bollards and how to create them on his own. He loved DIY projects and has been improving his home steadily ever since he purchased it about a year ago.

He said that until he began his research on a way to stop cars from bursting through his kitchen, he had never noticed the anti-ramming devices that were outside of banks, public buildings, and grocery stores. Now, they seemed like the perfect way to keep his home safe from “intruders.”

It’s a quirky house, but he loves it. When he moved in, the city even allowed him to rename the street that ran through his house without too much red tape. They’ll probably allow him to add these in, and we hope that his home never has an uninvited guest ever again!

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