Care To Guess How Many Pennies Were Used To Create This AWESOME Floor? Hint: More Than You Think.

Here’s another hint: each row is roughly 100 pennies wide.

This guy’s wife works at a shop that sells tile and decided that she didn’t want it in her home any longer. It’s a little like working at a donut shop or a pizzeria. You don’t want to come home from making pizzas all day to a pizza dinner. So her husband got creative and decided to re-do the floor with something that she definitely wouldn’t be seeing at work: pennies!

4.26a26The bank would only let him take home two boxes of pennies home per week, so the process was spread out over a few months, but he never gave up! Night after night, he sat on this hard concrete floor and glued down penny after penny. His back must have really hurt by the time he was done.4.26a27

His daughter wanted to help…but after gluing down 5 pennies, she quit. Understandable! It’s a lot of work. He decided that he wanted to add in a fun design out of the shinier pennies. It’s a good thing he planned it all out meticulously! It would have been very obvious if he had made even one wrong placement!4.26a28

Total cost? $200. That’s 20,000 pennies! He used Epoxy as a sealer, bringing the grand total to around $400! That’s $2.74 per square foot…cheaper than tile! This is a really cool design, but I do have to wonder if itĀ smellsĀ like it looks! You know that smell after holding pennies for a few minutes? I hope the room doesn’t have that aroma! It’s very pretty, and I hope that he uploads another picture in the next 15 years. I wonder how the pennies will look after a while. Too cool!

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