Cards Against Humanity Is At It Again, Highlighting The “Pink Tax” And Raising Money For Charity

There is nothing different about this game aside from the fact that it is pink…and it costs a whopping $5 more than the original. The game company routinely pokes fun at social issues, and this one is no exception. There was the time they literally threw money into a pit, or when they tried to hire the former president as their new CEO. Now, they want to raise awareness about the way companies charge extra for “pink and purple” items that are exactly the same as the “manly black” items.

They plan to send the extra funds raised from sales of the pink version to EMILY’s List, a political action committee focused on supporting female candidates for office.

There is not a single thing different about the product, and they aren’t offering refunds. They aren’t pulling any punches.

And if people buy it without paying attention to the message behind it?

What if I inevitably purchase this without reading carefully and then find out it’s the same cards as the original Cards Against Humanity, can I return it and get my money back?”

That color looks great on you! No.”

Some women didn’t find it that amusing, stating that “making fun of women to help women doesn’t really help in the end.” More disagreed and thought there should have been a better way to raise money.

Which side are you on?

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