Car Dealership Tired Of Panhandler On Their Block. Their Retaliation Made People MAD!

This panhandler had been outside of their business for weeks, but when they tried to help him out, he threw the offer back in their faces. A man in Brighton, Michigan spends his days holding up a cardboard sign that says “anything helps” scrawled in black marker, but the dealership across the street was sick of his antics.

They offered him a full-time job with benefits, and his response had them boiling.

I make more than any of you,” is what they claim he said when they gave him the offer.

So, they posted a bright red sign for everyone to see, hoping that he would find a new place to stand. Other members of the community had seen this man, too, reporting that he worked alongside his son, who stood on another corner doing the same thing. Someone even took this picture of the pair as their waited in line at a local pizza shop for their order. But critics of the dealership think they shouldn’t have posted the sign, claiming that the man’s financial decisions weren’t any of their business.

Others were grateful, adopting the viewpoint that the man should have accepted the job with a better attitude. More people chimed in to say that he was making others look bad – people who actually needed the help weren’t going to get any because he was causing distrust in the neighborhood.

Who do you think is wrong?

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