Captain Was Too Distracted To Properly Thank Little Girl For Gift. The Public Helps Him Out!

While directing traffic in a busy parking lot, a captain from the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office was approached by a young girl and her mother. He was concentrating on helping the flow of traffic and wasn’t able to fully pay attention to what the girl had said to him, but as far as he could remember, she told him that she had a gift.

I’d like to show my appreciation by giving you this gift,” he thinks she may have said.

He told her to put the bag in a nearby shopping cart and intended to look at it when he had a moment. When the traffic in the lot had settled, he reached for the bag and realized what she had given him.

It was a homemade knit cap decorated with a thin blue line, accompanied by a flashlight.

The gesture warmed the captain’s heart, and he knew that he needed to find the family to thank them properly. They shared the picture of the gift and the story on Facebook, hoping that someone might know who had been out distributing gifts to police officers over the weekend.

The public was more than happy to begin the search, and the family was found!

We knew y’all could do it. We have been in touch with the family and are going to set up a meeting so we can properly thank them. They brought a lot of joy to the office and the captain with such a touching gesture. Thank you very much for spreading the word.

Knowing that they have the public’s support made this group of officers’ day.

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