Can You Spot The 8 Rabbits Hiding In This Vintage Illustration? People Can’t Decide How Many There Are!

This farmer from the 17th century (probably) is out looking for his rabbits. They have escaped from their little rabbit pen, and he was really craving some rabbit stew! They’ve all hidden from him inside of the picture, and he is having the hardest time spotting them! There are a total of 8 rabbits hidden in the picture. While a few are obvious, some of them are WAY too hard to spot without help! (Don’t worry, we’ve added the answers at the end of the post!)The blue and beige contrast makes this one a little more tricky than the other vintage optical illusions that we’ve posted before. While people have agreed that there are rabbits in the picture, not everyone agrees with the placement of rabbit number 1! Take a look at the answers below and see if there are truly 8 rabbits in this picture…or if you think there should only be 7! Many people think that first rabbit is too much of a stretch, and others think that rabbit number 2 doesn’t make sense either. Which rabbits did you find, and which rabbits do you think or just too far-fetched?

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