Can You Solve This Riddle?! Most People Can’t!

Has this riddle come across your news feed on Facebook yet? This head-scratching puzzle has a lot of people stumped! Maybe they love to share it because its so confusing and enjoy seeing their friends and family debating the real answer. So, why has this puzzle gotten hundreds of thousands of shares? Because the answer is so simple, it can’t be true…right?

It’s worded strangely, which makes people read it over and over again to try and figure it out. After a while, people began to draw little pictures and diagrams to help each other out! Many times, these diagrams were wrong…but that made it all the more fun! Take a look at the puzzle and see if you can figure it out before seeing the solution.
When you draw it out on paper, it creates a little family tree! Teresa has a daughter. Teresa’s daughter has a daughter. You are Teresa’s daughter because you are her granddaughter’s mother! When you put it like that, it sounds nuts…but when you see it on paper, it makes total sense!
Did you figure it out, or did you draw a little diagram as well? This one was really clever!

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