Can YOU Solve This Kindergarten Homework? Adults Are Stumped.

You’d think that adults would be able to easily help a five-year-old out with their kindergarten homework…but for one mom in New York, that was just not the case! She was looking over her daughter’s assignment that featured the letter ‘K,’ but the homework seemed absolutely impossible. The worksheet featured practicing writing down the letter K in upper case and lower case, as well as identifying four pictures that should begin with the letter K as well…

But mom was stumped.In the end, the teacher revealed that the answers were ‘kin’ and ‘Ken.’

While the term ‘kin’ is a bit dated, how were parents supposed to know, let alone guess, the random name Ken? Obviously, the worksheet corresponded with the child’s lesson in class for the day…but parents were confused as to why 1.) a kindergarten would give homework and 2.) not give parents the ability to help them. The parents didn’t attend class – but that’s another argument.

Mom posted another worksheet from her daughter’s class that was just as strange.
The teacher revealed the the answer to describe five bunnies in a cage was ‘vet.’

Putting aside the argument about what kind of workload is acceptable for a five-year-old child, mom was grateful that the teacher gave kids the benefit of the doubt on those last ones. They were a reach!

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