Can YOU See The Hidden Image? This Picture Is Making People Dizzy!

Is there an optical illusion that goes too far? Is there a limit to what our brains can process? That’s what one Japanese experimental psychologist was out to find out, pushing the boundaries of our brains by releasing this confusing and dizzying image. Akiyoshi Kitaoka shared his “portrait” on Twitter and wanted to see how people would react.

The small black and white checkers hurt to look at…but something crazy happens if you look at it just the right way. Head on, it might give you a headache…but by stepping away, looking at an angle, or scrolling past it quickly, your brain picks out the subtle changes in colors between the checkers to reveal something unexpected.For people who couldn’t see it, a helpful fan went in pixel by pixel to enhance and make the portrait clear! Is this what you saw? Or was that illusion just too much to handle?

I have a headache!!

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