Can You REALLY Bake Cookies Using The Cookie Dough From Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream?

There is just something about cookie dough that millions of people can’t get enough of. Sure, freshly baked cookies are delicious, but why do we equally reach for entire packages of raw cookie dough for a midnight snack when no one is looking? Well, we don’t have the answer, but one curious dude decided to test out some of our favorite snack time dough…and see if it actually made delicious cookies.

The cookie dough balls from Ben & Jerry’s chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream are a country-wide favorite. Millions of people dig out the little cookie dough balls from the ice cream to nibble on first, and inspired by the thought of freshly baked cookies, he got to work.

First, he separated the dough from the ice cream and found a good amount in one pint of ice cream. (See, they really do put a lot in there!) Then, he laid them out on a baking sheet and put them in the oven…8.9a13They were tiny, but oh, SO delicious! Just look at those adorable cookie bites! He placed a penny on the pan after the baking was completed. You may not remember how tiny a penny is. Go grab one and then take another look at this pan. Those are some adorable cookies!8.9a14They may have been expensive, but it’s nice to know that our favorite cookie dough-ice cream mixture is the result of actual cookie dough and not some strange, buttery mixture meant to fool us. Bravo, Ben & Jerry’s! Bravo.

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