Can You Guess Which Of These Women Is 41?! Most People Get It WRONG!

These women have a lot in common, and looking young is one of them. Nicknamed “the family of frozen ages,” the Hsu family have a lot of fans due to their eternally young physiques. The two sisters pose happily with their mother, but to people who aren’t familiar with the stunning family, it can be impossible to guess who is 36, who is 41, and who is 40!

The women posed together to baffle the world, and has a lot of people wondering which woman is which.
The answer?

Lure, on the left, is 41. Fayfay, in the middle, is 41, and their youngest sister, Sharon, is 36!

Their mother, at the age of 63, looks like she could easily be their sister. (Here she is pictured below between her two daughters, Lure and Sharon!)

They all lead very active lifestyles as models and socialites. Their mother used to be a dance teacher, and the sisters eagerly share their habits and meals to encourage others to live their best lives.

Their top suggestions are to never skip a meal and drink plenty of water throughout the day. They are also very adamant about skin care. After being out in the sun, a moisturizing face mask is a must!

Their father also supposedly looks younger than his age of 74, but he doesn’t enjoy having his picture taken.

Did you guess right?

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