Can You Guess What This Crazy Contraption Was Used For?! Hint: It’s Not For Cars!

A lot of early machinery is puzzling. Someone wanted an easier way to do a task. Sometimes, they ended up creating brilliant inventions that changed the way we lived…and sometimes? Yikes. The equipment pictured below was created to make a specific job easier, and while it did work, it was primitive and even dangerous! Have you seen one before?11-6a1

First patented in 1928 by Marjorie Joyner, the device was invented to give a woman permanent waves in her hair! Sections of hair were rolled and clamped, then the machine was plugged in. The curlers heated to high temperatures, and beauticians put cloth, cotton, and other barriers around a client’s ears because they could be easily burned.
11-6a2The process took hours, and the curlers were extremely heavy. After the curls were done, the hair was dry and brittle…but there wasn’t much that beauticians could do about it! After a few weeks, the damaged hair would relax and regain a bit of oil naturally, but the curls would stay put until the hair was cut off or boke off over time. 11-6a3The machines frequently burned off pieces of hair, but women still went through the arduous process because for months at a time, their hair would stay curled or waved without having to lift a finger!

Do you know someone who used one of these machines, or have you gone through the process yourself? Tell us about it in the comments!

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