Can You Guess What The Very First Text Message Ever Sent Actually Said?

25 years ago, no one could have predicted just how wide-spread texting would become. Most people put their money on emails being the “communication of the future,” but texting has turned out to be so much more convenient. While most people check their personal emails once a day, they are more likely to respond to a quick text in a few seconds instead.

But what was the first text message ever sent? Someone got to wondering, and the answer is actually a lot less complicated than we could have guessed.

We’ll make it a little easier with multiple choice:

1.) Merry Christmas.

2.) Hey!

3.) This is a test.

4.) Happy Birthday!

The correct answer? “Merry Christmas” was the very first SMS message ever sent! Ironically, it was sent over the network via computer in 1992. No one realized just how life changing the technology would become, but we are all super grateful for it!

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