Can You Guess The Sitcom Just By Looking At The Floor Plans?! These Are Too Cool!

Artist Inaki Aliste Lizarralde has meticulously mapped out the apartments of famous television shows, and the drawings are going viral! Many people are impressed at the level of detail that has been put into these incredible floor plans! Can you guess which shows these iconic apartments belong to? You’ll find the answers underneath each picture, so don’t read ahead before you try to guess!4.26a1I guessed this one almost right away! I guess we never will discover what was in that mystery closet…ANSWER: Friends
4.26a2How do these apartments have so much SPACE? It’s almost like they are full-sized homes. ANSWER: Frasier


This is unrealistic. An apartment in THIS city would be thousands of dollars! Look at how big those bedrooms are! ANSWER: How I Met Your Mother4.26a4That’s not how it looked in my head. ANSWER: The Big Bang Theory
4.26a5I didn’t guess this one at first! I guess the first clue should have been that it was all in black and white! ANSWER: I Love Lucy4.26a6This one makes a lot of sense with how big it is! ANSWER: Two & A Half Men4.26a8

Did you recognize this one? ANSWER: Three’s Company
4.26a12How crazy is this floor plan?! I didn’t think it looked like this from the outside…ANSWER: The Golden Girls4.26a17

I didn’t guess this one correctly at first! Did you? ANSWER: Seinfeld4.26a18It looks so much cozier on the show… I like how they used the space! ANSWER: The Gilmore Girls

I guessed about half of these! This was harder than I thought it would be. How did YOU do?

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