Can YOU Find The Hidden Dog In This Herd Of Cattle? Search The Bigger Picture!

People are in love with these puzzles! When a woman dropped her phone onto a decorative rug, counting how many horses were hidden in a painting, seeing the hidden image in a portrait, and just brain teasers in general, we have the best time trying to find the truth behind the illusion. It’s why we spend so much time playing puzzle games on our phones or occasionally attending a magic show performance. Mystery and puzzle-solving are a huge part of how we function in day-to-day life. Overcoming obstacles and searching for clues as to why the world works the way it does is the main reason that people love photos like this next one. 7.26a18

Created by the Tama company, this large group of cattle are hiding a confused looking dog. The similar art style, markings, and colors on the cows makes this image particularly tricky, and many people give up before they’ve found the hidden pooch to peek at the answer! Give yourself a few minutes before you give up! He’s in there, we promise!

Can’t find him? That’s okay, neither could a few thousand people. Here you go:


Scroll down…




Keep scrolling…



And the little dog is…

Right here!7.26a19

Did you spot him without help, or did you need to use the cheat? He was hard to find, but once you spot him, you can’t NOT see his adorable face poking out of the crowd! Too cute.

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