Can You Figure Out These 15 Grammatically Correct Sentences? #10 STILL Has Me Stumped!

English has a lot of quirks and inconsistencies. Learning to fully understand why these sentences make sense can be tricky, but once you do get them, they’re pretty funny! Other languages have quirks like these as well, which is why I will probably never fully master the another language. For now, just enjoy these clever phrases and see if you can figure them all out! Even though I know why #10 works, I just can’t seem to wrap my head around it! Tricky!

11.5bDid you get them all? I had trouble with a few, but it helped to say them out loud a few times! No wonder children can have such a hard time in English class! While I vaguely remember some of these lessons from grade school, I would probably fail a test if someone asked a specific question about the structure of these sentences. Yikes! Pass this along to your friends and see if they can figure these out too! It gave my brain a little exercise to read through them and try to figure it all out! These sure are clever!

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