Camping With Cats Is A Thing Now. These Pictures Are ‘Purr-fect!’

Camping with Cats believes that cats shouldn’t be left out of your adventures – especially if it means you’ll be exploring the great outdoors. We mostly associate our feline friends with lounging on soft bedding in spots of sunlight, or curling up by the fire to stay nice and toasty…but we don’t get to see their adventurous side as often. Some people let their cats out during the day to do…whatever it is that cats do. Some people keep their cats indoors at all times. Camping with Cats thinks that that is a mistake. Cats love to smell and see and be in nature just as much as dogs and people.7.27a14While it might be a bit of a struggle initially, getting those kitties in their harnesses and life-jackets will be well worth it.7.27a15They will love their temporary tent-homes. That’s probably not sarcasm. (I don’t know, look at his face and you can decide for yourself.)7.27a16Or his. He also looks like he’s enjoying himself. Probably…7.27a17Young kittens shouldn’t be excluded, either!7.27a18And if it will be colder than they are used to, pack a few kitty-friendly sweaters to keep them warm!
7.27a19Some people even go so far as to get their cat an individual tent! 7.27a20And if kitty doesn’t feel like hiking up a steep cliff side, a convenient travel pouch might be in order.7.27a21You should still make time for lounging in the sun, of course.
7.27a22And remember: not all cats hate water!7.27a23Will you be taking your cat on your next vacation?

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