California Moves To Ban Styrofoam. People Are Wondering Why It Took So Long!

San Francisco is planning something that will have a huge impact on their environment, but the change isn’t expected to happen until 2017. Officials have voted to pass legislation that will effectively ban the sale of styrofoam currently used by food and retailers for their products. It may be cheap, but the damage it does to the beaches, landfills, and wildlife in the area is just too great to continue allowing it. 8.24a19

Styrofoam is not biodegradable, and once it lies in the sun or gets trampled, it breaks apart into many smaller pieces. The crumbled bits then end up causing harm to sea creatures and the ecosystem in the Bay area. It is particularly dangerous because it just doesn’t break down like other packaging.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors are targeting fish and meat trays used in grocery stores and meat markets first and plan to continue enacting the ban for items like foam coolers, pool toys, packing peanuts, dock floats, and buoys.


“I just passed the toughest anti-Styrofoam law in the country and we did it unanimously,” Board of Supervisors President London Breed wrote on her Facebook page after the vote in July. “This is a huge step for our environment and health. San Francisco is on our way to leading the country on environmental policy—again!”

The restaurant industry doesn’t agree because alternative packaging costs 2 to 3 times as much and isn’t as reliable – and what will the city ban next? How will businesses keep ahead of bans and still turn a profit, especially small business that need to watch every penny? Instead of banning product after product, they think that the city should focus on improving its recycling procedures instead of creating sweeping bans.

What do you think about this monumental move?


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