Cake Batter In Egg Shells Doesn’t Sound Appetizing, Until You See How She Does it!

Show off some baking prowess to family and friends by making your very own Cake Eggs. This delicious and enjoyable treat can surely leave them guessing how you’re able to make that nice oval shape. Well, this easy-to-follow video has all the sweet secrets you need from start to finish.

Of course, the main ingredients you’ll need are fresh eggs, so get at least six. Next up, prepare some oil, salt water, and cake batter. Finally, grab a small bowl, muffin tin, foil, and a piping bag. When you have all the ingredients and materials in place, just follow the steps and let the baking begin.

The time these goodies spend in the oven is about 12 to 14 minutes. Let them cool first before removing the extra cake with a knife. Add some delicious cream on top, serve with sprinkles, or do whatever you fancy. Serve this one for an Easter Egg Hunt Party and everyone surely have this as their favorite.

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