By Simply Wrapping Some Yarn Around Her Fingers She Makes This! WOW

Want to know a fun and easy way to create clothes and accessories at home? Try finger knitting. This activity only needs a ball of yarn, pair of scissors, and you guessed it, your fingers. Watch this video to learn the basic techniques in no time.

A home project like this requires only few materials, and it doesn’t even need hooks or needles. Regardless if you’re a kid or adult, the results are pretty much the same, only the size of the hand creates the difference. The only part children need a bit of help is using the scissors safely.

The steps shown in the video are easy to follow. Just imagine wrapping your fingers with a long yarn and then slowly tying knots in the process. Parents can encourage their kids to finger knit and have a great bonding time. It’s an effective way to make children acquire a new skill and practice their listening abilities.

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