Business Owner Got Up At Dawn To Lower The Flag, And Now He’s Going Viral

When Holly Jackson wanted to interview this business owner on live television, she didn’t expect him to turn her down. She had witnessed him doing the incredible, and although he didn’t want to be on the local news, she thought that he still deserved recognition for what he had been doing since the hurricane hit their area.

The man, Chad, has only owned the Country Inn & Suites for just four months, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t putting his all into the business when his community needed him the most.

He didn’t hesitate to get right to lowering the flag when the sun came up this morning. It was raining, he had a hotel packed with evacuees who were mostly on edge.” She wrote.

He didn’t care that people were soaking everything due to the rainy weather or that people were bringing their pets that had nowhere else to go, that the phone was constantly ringing, or that most of his employees couldn’t make it to work. When the power became unreliable, he brought a generator. When he realized that people were sleeping in their cars in his parking lot, he offered them to share the hotel’s continental breakfast and use the bathrooms for free. 

He and his family, all from India, are proud business owners in this country. They take pride in their place and exude joy through the business process. I hate the storms, but I love how they always find a way to speak to me in a way I never expect.

He didn’t forget.” She wrote.

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