Bus Driver Evacuates Entire School Bus Moments Before It Bursts Into Flames, Saving 56 Children

Teresa Stroble is being hailed as a heroine after leaping into action and saving the lives of 56 children.

As a bus driver, she is always prepared for just about anything…but she’s never had to face an obstacle quite like this one. When two students yelled out that they were seeing smoke, Stroble knew that it was serious. She immediately responded and quickly evacuated the students. It took her less than sixty seconds to move the children from their seats and out to safety thanks to her training.
Stroble has been a bus driver for 7 years and the school district has never been more grateful. While the children were exiting, she radioed the transportation office to call 911 just in the nick of time.

Moments after herding the children to safety, the vehicle burst into flames.

The fire department arrived to put out the flames, and district administrators were glad that the ordeal ended happily. It could have been a very tragic situation, but thanks to Stroble, 57 lives were saved.

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