Bus Driver Builds Wheelchair Ramp For Disabled Girl To Help Her Into Her Own Home

Tom Mitchell is a full-time mechanic who works on school buses. Occasionally, he will fill in to drive a route if another driver can’t make it. One route that he drives includes a group of special needs children that need extra help to make it to their classes. While filling in one day, he realized that one of the students, a girl in a wheel chair named Lydia, had an aluminum ramp at her home that didn’t reach the top step.

Everyday she would come out and struggle with this small little area.” He said.

Lydia was determined, and every day she would struggle to make it in and out of her own home.

It’s those little things that people take for granted,” the girl said. “And maybe I didn’t even realize my predicament, because I’m so used to doing it solo.”

Mitchell gathered a few friends and decided to build a ramp that would be easier and safer for daily use.

When the group went to the hardware store to purchase supplies, the store donated some wood to help build the ramp. The project was completed, and now Lydia has a safer ramp with a railing that makes it easier to tackle something that millions of people do without thinking: enter and exit their own home.

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