Burger King Just Started A War With McDonald’s For Halloween!

A Burger King in Queens, New Yok decided to insult the McDonald’s across the street by “dressing up” as a McDonald’s ghost. The entire restaurant was covered in a “white sheet,” with eyes cut out to reveal the burger king logos underneath the famous golden arches. When customers drove up, they could read the sign that threw shade at McDonald’s by taunting:



10-27a4A representative from Burger King reports that while it was only one restaurant that pulled the prank, everyone who saw or heard about it was impressed. From spray painting “McDonald’s” on the storefront’s costume, right down to the boxes that the burgers come in, completed with fake-McDonald’s logos.
10-27a3Twitter went nuts when they realized that it was a real stunt and are desperately hoping that McDonald’s will fire back with a prank of their own! Although with Halloween only a few days away, people are doubting that they will come up with something on as grand a scale as Burger King, who had months to prepare with custom-printed containers and massive white sheets ordered.

Who knows? Hopefully, this won’t be the end of it! This Halloween trick was absolutely perfect! Your move, McDonald’s!


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