Bullies Tried To Tear Her Down Over Her Smile. It Led To A VIRAL Campaign To Help Her!

Jessica McDaniels witnessed her friend’s proposal and was smiling, happy for her friends to start a new chapter in their lives. Unfortunately, people with way too much time on their hands found this picture of her and decided to post it, making fun of her smile. Jessica has dealt with teasing and snide comments about her teeth since they grew in, and this was just the last straw.

When news of the viral post by bullies got to her, she profusely apologized to her friends for “ruining their engagement photos.” She had no idea that many of her friends, who knew that her beautiful personality didn’t deserve such hatred, decided to start a campaign to raise the funds to pay for oral surgery.

The work required to give her a new smile was extremely expensive and McDaniels never thought that she would be able to get it done. But after her story went viral, she was contacted by an oral surgeon, Dr. Maryann Udy, with Northwest Oral Maxillo-Facial Surgeons, who offered to help her for free.
Her friends have raised over $8,000 in the meantime to help support her while she underwent the surgeries and procedures as she was unable to work during that time. As a hairdresser, the money made it all possible.

Bone remodeling, treatment to individual teeth, implants, swelling, and antibiotics were required in her months-long process…but in the end? It was worth it. She has her bullies to thank. They intended to tear her down for a quick laugh, but instead, she has a new lease on life. Now, she loves taking selfies.

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