Bullies Said Something Cruel To His Wife…So He Posts THIS Reply On Facebook!

Bullies come in all shapes and sizes…and some of them, you would never expect to have a mean bone in their body! From the looks of these girls, they were just paying her a compliment in the store. That was a little weird because complete strangers don’t often come near you to compliment your pajamas, but it quickly became apparent that these girls clearly had nothing better to do…


I wouldn’t be caught dead in those…”


Now, while Jennie was just minding her business, I have got to wonder what these girls were doing hanging out at a gas station. They were over 18, since they were smoking outside. They weren’t at their jobs, they weren’t in college classes, and they didn’t have anyplace better to be. It looks more and more like they were putting down this random stranger to make themselves feel better about their empty lives. Seriously. I could not care less about what someone else chooses to wear when they are paying for gas at a gas station.

Good on Jennie’s husband for posting this! His wife doesn’t need to feel bad about her pajamas! Many people don’t bother to change just to fill up their gas tank…

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