Bullies Made Fun Of Her Eyebrows. She Wanted To Shave Them Off. Now? They’re Landing Her Modeling Deals.

Natalia Castellar was just 17-years-old, but she was ready to make a HUGE chance in her appearance. Her eyebrows were thick, long, and bold…exactly the kind of trait that drew bullying and snide comments from other students. She had been mocked for her prominent eyebrows all throughout her childhood and she had finally had enough.

But her mother discovered what she was about to do and stopped her. Her sister, a photographer, stepped in and decided to try something to change Natalia’s mind…11-18a2Instead of trying to hide her eyebrows, she has embraced them and features their striking look in every photo. She created an Instagram account and has nearly 60,000 people following her.11-18a3The internet fame has attracted the eyes of top modeling agencies, landing Natalia major campaigns with big companies as a result.11-18a4

They set me aside from other models,” she said. “They’re my trademark, and I wish I would have embraced them sooner.”

11-18a5Teaching kids to love their appearance is important. Natalia was prepared to make a huge change just to “fit in” and stop the bullying. While her new modeling career hasn’t stopped the bullying, it has taught her to appreciate what makes her difference. Now, she can ignore the mean comments and rude looks because she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.


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