“Buddy Benches” Just Might Be The Best Equipment On The Playground

Megan Flaherty’s mother loaded these two benches into the back of her pickup truck and was about to head over to the local elementary school to deliver them in person when Flaherty stopped to snap this quick picture. This was important, and she wanted to share just how much a simple bench might completely change a child’s entire day from bad to good in a matter of moments.

When children are having a hard time, they are encouraged to speak to their teachers, parents, or counselors…but sometimes, that can be too scary for children dealing with difficulties in their lives. They feel like adults just won’t understand, and end up keeping quiet instead of reaching out for help. That’s where these benches come in handy.

Children know that Buddy Benches are a safe place. If a child is feeling alone, sad, or in need of a friend, their classmates are encouraged to sit next to them and help to cheer them up. What makes them so successful is that they aren’t forced or assigned. Children decide to help on their own, and anyone sitting alone on the benches will quickly be joined by caring students who just want to help.

By sharing this picture, she hopes to raise awareness for the program and that other schools will get involved, especially during times of stress or disaster, to help children overcome their fears together.

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