Broken Light Bulbs Become Super CUTE After Being Wrapped In Twine! (Easy DIY!)

Don’t toss out your old light bulbs! Apparently, one crafter took a look at the shape of light bulbs and made a curious comparison…they actually look a lot like pears! Deciding to see where this idea would take her, she decided to try it out. With some hot glue, she attached a bit of a stick to the end of the bulb and grabbed some twine.Carefully (because light bulbs are glass) she began to wrap the light bulb with twine, using hot glue to keep the twine securely in place. As the bulb got bigger, she had to use a bit more glue…but in the end, it was worth it! It turns out that old light bulbs covered in twine actually¬†do look a lot like pears!The result? These really neat twine “fruit” that are quirky and stylish. Are they perfect for the holidays? We guess so, but it seems like the kind of project that can just sit on your dining room table all year long! The more light-bulb-pears, the better!It’s definitely a conversation starter, if nothing else! What do you think of this neat little craft? We love it! You can find more details here!

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