Britney Spears Unveils Secret Talent For Painting And It Will Make Your Day

What do at the end of a long week to relax? If you’re Britney Spears on a breezy Friday morning, you go to your lush mansion courtyard, listen to Mozart, and paint! (If you’re the rest of us, you’re probably at work or running  last-minute errands before the weekend). In this short, hilarious burst of creativity, the pop star, actress, and artist broke out of her shell to share her creativity with the world. Concentrating and perfecting each brush stroke, she practiced her craft with beautiful intensity… Her painting smock (old button-down) covered in paint splatters and water hangs loosely about her shoulders in a whimsical nod to artists past…and finally reveals her project.

I could not stop laughing.She hasn’t lost her sense of humor! While she may have been in the headlines for just about everything over the course of her career, she clearly doesn’t have a problem letting other people share in the things that make her happy.

Even though the big reveal was meant to be silly, it brings up a good point about life in general. It doesn’t matter how good or bad you might be at something. If it makes you happy, do it, and don’t mind what other people have to say. And that’s pretty inspiring.

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