Britain’s First Surrogate Dad Tells The World What Life Is Like 15 Years Later!

We’ve seen movies about single moms who want to have a kid. Maybe you know someone who decided to have a baby on their own without a partner. But very rarely do we hear about a single dad pursuing fatherhood on his own. That’s the shock that Ian Mucklejohn received when people learned that he was looking to be a father without a partner to help out. He wanted to become a parent, and thanks to advances in the medical field, he was able to do just that!7.6a7

Ian owned a successful business, but it left him without much of a social life to speak of. He didn’t want to wait for the “right person” to start a family, and he had spent all of his spare time to take care of his own father who had been injured in a car crash years before.

At he moment he realized he wanted children of his own, he began looking for the best course of action. He eventually decided to pursue a surrogacy.

He found a beautiful, witty engineering student with “all the qualities you would hope for in your children” and went ahead with the procedure. The surprise? Three baby boy triplets. He was over the moon and became Britain’s very first surrogate dad at 54.7.6a8

15 years later, he tells it like it is. During their first 2 years, he hired a nanny to care for them…but realized that he wanted to do¬†everything¬†himself. It as hard, but he decided to start working from home and raising the boys.

A mother is a wonderful thing, but my view is that love is all you need to raise a family: whether it comes from one or two is irrelevant. I fel I have more than enough love.”7.6a9

And the triplets? They think that their dad is the bravest person in the world to do what he did all on his own.

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