Brighten ANY Room With This Simple DIY!

Most DIY projects are fairly complicated and expensive. If I can’t sit down and get it done within an hour, the project will sit on my craft table unfinished for days before I give up or finish it badly! I love looking at fun ways to spruce up a dated hallway or make my kitchen more “modern,” but if it’s going to take 3 hours and 2 trips to the craft store, I’m probably not ever going to do it.

That’s what makes this project so amazing! Depending on the word you want to spell out, you could be done within a half hour! Awesome!


So first things first, make a list so that you don’t end up having to drive back to the craft store multiple times. Pick up some paper mache letters. They’re inexpensive and cheap! If you are extra thrifty, you can try to make these yourself, but considering the time it would take to get themĀ justĀ right, it might be worth it to just buy them pre-made.


Pick up some floral foam and glue them inside of the hollows of your letters. You can use tape, but glue is so much easier! You don’t have to fill them all the way up – the flowers will cover the holes rather nicely!


This is what it should look like after you’re done! Pick flowers that match the decor of the room, or make your letters POP by picking a contrasting color! I think this is a lovely project for a rainy afternoon. Bring some sunshine into the house with just a few easy steps!


What would you spell out? I think a giant “WELCOME” on the table in the foyer would be adorable. Maybe a delicate “HOME” would be more appropriate. This is also a great way to decorate for the holidays without having to break the bank for only one day! Remember this project the next time you need to decorate in a hurry (and on a budget!) and brighten any room in seconds!

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