Bride’s Reason For Including A WWII Veteran In Her Wedding Ceremony Is SO Beautiful!

Many brides include the old poem, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” into their wedding ceremonies for good luck. Usually, “something blue” is a piece of jewelry, flowers, a garter, or even a part of the color scheme. In Alison Ferrell’s wedding ceremony, “something blue” turned out to be her 92-year-old uncle!

Rolling down the isle with a sign reading “I’m her something blue,” Bill Lee Eblen wore his uniform proudly. The WWII and Korean War veteran represented her family’s commitment to respecting those who serve and sacrifice for their country.

Her uncle Bill had been at every other special moment and celebration in her life – it made perfect sense to everyone to include him.
And while Alison was grateful to be able to include her uncle, he thought it was an incredible gesture as well!

It was so special to me!” He said after being able to participate in the ceremony.

She incorporated the sentiment of the poem with a style all her own. She honored her uncle’s service. When the pictures went viral, she was glad that others were able to thank him, too!

Remembering those who gave their lives and supporting those who served is very important to her family and she was glad to be able to spread the message with one beautiful gesture.

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