Bride-To-Be Shared Her Bachelorette Party With Women From A Shelter! Inspiring Thousands!

Jessika Baldwin was preparing to get married, but she decided to do something different for her bachelorette party. While other brides-to-be might be planning a weekend trip to Vegas or a night on the town, Jessika chose to do something much more meaningful and her actions are inspiring millions of women around the world.

I was in a tough place in my life before ― I think we’ve all been there ― and I remember wishing for someone to just pick me up, take me out and just make me feel good. So, I really wanted to help lift the spirits of some women who are in a difficult life situation and treat them for the day.”8.29a4

She contacted a local women’s shelter who put her in contact with women who could benefit from such an event, and as Jessika called around to local businesses to arrange each event, she was touched when several offered their services for free. They were inspired by what she was doing to make an impact on these women and wanted to help out.

She didn’t want to waste her efforts drinking and bar hopping – she knew that she could make a difference. The group went for Starbucks to get to know each other and Jessika was proud when her friends and family made the women feel included. They went to a salon to get hair cuts and manicures and the salon covered the cost. They went to lunch, they went on a shopping spree, posed for pictures during a photoshoot, and ended the busy day with a nice dinner that was paid for by the restaurant.

While the names of the women are being kept quietly under wraps for their protection, Jessika hopes that her actions will inspire other women to do the same in their own communities. A little kindness goes a long way.


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