Bride Proves That Flowers Aren’t The Only Thing You Can Carry Down The Isle In Delicious Style

A sweets shop in Australia is getting a lot of attention after providing a bridal party with beautiful “doughnut bouquets” decorated with white icing. Instead of flowers, Paige Kirk wanted to do something fun and unique. When she heard about a competition for brides to receive and carry a very special sort of bouquet, she joined in! Out of all the brides that entered the competition, her fun personality made her the winner! She didn’t tell her bridesmaids about the secret plan until the day of the wedding!
They were stunned! The doughnuts had been customized and arranged to stay securely in place, protected by a special fabric.

Kirk hopes that the trend continues. Not necessarily with doughnuts, but anything that makes a bride happy. A wedding day should reflect the people promising to support one another for the rest of their lives, and if that happens to include something that sounds a little strange to others, she hopes that people will just have more open minds.
A bouquet of doughnuts sounds a little quirky, but when the bride and her bridesmaids were carrying them proudly down the isle, guests could tell that they were happy and having fun…which is the most important part of such a special celebration!

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