Bride And Groom Climbed Everest To Get Married At BASE CAMP! WOW!

The idea to get married at Everest Base Camp was a bold one, and would take a lot of planning. Charleton Churchill isn’t just a photographer; he is an adventure photographer. Exotic destination weddings are his specialty, but he knew that a scenic wedding on the top of a mountain wouldn’t be a weekend affair…it would take weeks of preparation in order to pull it off!

To have not only the stamina but also the skill to make it up the mountain, everyone involved trained and planned as much as possible beforehand. The trek up the mountain could take anywhere between 2 and 3 weeks in order to acclimatize their way to the base camp.They paced the trip steadily and encountered difficult obstacles. I snowed more during their trip than it had all winter long, and the temperature froze between -8 and 10 degrees Fahrenheit…when the couple got to the location, it was -5!

They had just an hour and thirty minutes to dress, eat, perform the ceremony, pack up, and make it onto the helicopter in order to go back down. The photographer had an added challenge of trying to work his equipment without his hands freezing between shots! They took a wide range of pictures and shared a very memorable destination wedding.People were stunned at the accomplishment and dedication involved for a stunt like this. Would YOU get married like this?! Wow!

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