Bridal Shop Seamstress Works For Free To Make Bride’s Dreams Come True – They Return The Favor!

Rose Ellis was stunned when a large bridal chain suddenly closed its doors on thousands of brides across the country. The chain, Alfred Angelo, declared bankruptcy, leaving brides, bridesmaids, and wedding guests without dresses overnight. Ellis, who had worked with the shop in Oklahoma for over seven years, gathered all of the dresses that were awaiting alterations and took them home.

The dresses had already been paid for, so she began making phone calls, trying to reach as many brides as possible. She let the brides know that she would be finishing the alterations and would return the dresses as they were completed – at no additional charge.One bride, Stephanie Huey, found Ellis through Facebook and arranged for a meetup at a hotel, but when Ellis arrived with only four dresses, Huey was stunned to realize that Ellis had been working day and night to finish the alterations for free.

While she no longer has employment, she has made it her goal to finish what she had started. Huey knew that it was costing Ellis to continue her work on the dresses and set up a campaign to reimburse her for her skills and time.

So far, over $4,000 has been raised for the seamstress with a heart of gold, and brides around the country hope that it is enough to help her until she can find a new job.

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