Bridal Shop Closed Down Without Warning Leaving Thousands Of Brides Without Gowns

Overnight, the popular bridal boutique, Alfred Angelo, closed its door across the country without notice. Over 60 stores shut their doors leaving employees without jobs, brides without gowns, and bridal parties in complete disarray. While some stores worked frantically to warn brides to immediately come to the stores to collect their gowns, others didn’t have the opportunities.

Brides were outraged and began taking it out on the employees. Others are afraid that they will not only lose their deposits, gowns, dresses, and the money that they’ve already put towards items in addition to finding replacements before their big days.

As the day progressed, more people found themselves outraged that the company planned to do their “valued” customers and employees.

I’m pretty sure a company doesn’t find out they’re bankrupt overnight. Alfred Angelo¬†is also morally bankrupt not giving brides a heads up!” One man wrote.

As the days passed, brides stepped in to help one another after they were finished with their own dresses, using Twitter to find brides with similar body types to loan out their dresses. 

They listed their gown styles, sizes, and conditions hoping to help brides facing the stress. Most offered to loan their dresses as long as the recipient covered the cost of cleaning and shipping!

Complete strangers are working together to save weddings across the country…when a single company couldn’t be bothered.

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