Bridal Party Steps Outside To Take Their Pictures After The Ceremony…When They ALL Put On Bandages!

Weddings are stressful enough, but imaging having everything turned onto its head just days before the ceremony? For most people, it would ruin the day…but for one woman, it created a sweet memory that would last for decades to come!

Jaclyn S. found herself in that exact situation just 10 days before her wedding was scheduled to take place when she broke her wrist unexpectedly. To make things worse, just one week before the wedding, she had to undergo surgery to ensure that it would heal properly. Here she was, 7 days before the ceremony that would change her life…and she was wearing a cast. It isn’t exactly how brides picture their big day, but Jaclyn didn’t let it phase her.

Likewise, neither did her bridal party! With the perfect amount of humor, they all stepped outside after the ceremony to take their pictures against a beautiful backdrop of foliage and pulled out bandages! They showed their support in hilarious fashion, making the pictures about their unity and support for the happy couple instead of letting their friend (and new wife!) feel out of place or insecure about her extra accessory.

The gesture went viral when she shared it on Facebook, and it gave other bridal parties across the country inspiration to help make their own ceremonies as special as possible!

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