Brazilian Photographer Proves That You Don’t Need An Incredible Background To Take Stunning Pictures

Gilmar Silva didn’t let a lack of beautiful scenery stop him from creating actual magic when it came to his photographs, and now, he is sharing his secrets with the world.

In a project called LUGARxPHOTO (‘place and photo’), he shows everyone that you don’t need an expensive destination or lavish decor to take incredible photographs, and his passion and creativity have gone viral!

A pregnancy photo session by the side of a dusty road didn’t phase him one bit. In fact, you’d never know that his subject was wading through brambles and posing with dried up weeds!This baby isn’t actually hanging from dad’s arm. The little cutie pie is resting comfortably on a cushion!While many expecting couples would prefer to travel to a lush location overlooking a lake, these two trusted that their photographer knew best when he brought them to a puddle in the middle of a dirt road.In fact, he’s gotten really good at using puddles for many of his pictures. The backgrounds don’t matter when a beautiful reflection highlights the subjects of his photos – in this case, a lovely family expecting baby #2!There may not be a lush jungle landscape to use for her pregnancy photo session, but when he asked her to pose near this recycling bin, she decided to trust his judgment! Don’t wait for life to give you the perfect shot – go out there and take it!

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