Bravest Man Alive Demonstrates The SECRET To Holding Poison Ivy

Ever since their first run-in with poison ivy, most people learn to spot it rather quickly. “Leaves of three, let them be,” and other similar phrases help children to avoid the plants, but look at this unnerving picture of a man casually holding an actual poison ivy plant without a hint of fear in his eyes. It makes me feel so uncomfortable. He doesn’t even care that his entire arm is about to erupt into pain and miserable, oozing rashes. 

But he has a secret. This man knows how to get rid of the poison once you’ve touched the plant, and it might help you to save yourself and your children from days of agony if you learn it.

Dr. Jim Brauker is a biomedical scientist and has studied skin inflammation for the past 25 years! His clever solution  can prevent poison ivy and poison oak rashes before they even start.The oils from the plant’s leaves are what eventually causes the rash to form, but according to his research, you can wash the oils off within 2 to 8 hours to prevent them in the first place. (The sooner the better, of course!)

By using soap, cold running water, and a gentle cloth, you can remove the oil yourself. He says that by repeating the process of lathering, creating friction with the soft cloth, and rinsing with cold water three times over, you should be fine after coming into contact with poison ivy or poison oak.

Any soap will do, but the water cannot be hot. Hot water will open up the pores in your skin, he says, and will actually help your body to absorb the oils faster, making the rash even worse.

Have you tried his method before? Did it work for you?

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