Brave Dog Has Saved Over 50 Lives After The Earthquakes In Mexico! Meet Frida The Rescue Dog

After the 8.1 magnitude earthquake that hit Oaxaca, Mexico, Frida the rescue dog got to work, sniffing out people who needed help and listening for signs of life among the rubble and destruction. News of the heroic actions of the determined pooch spread far and wide, and even the president of Mexico gave her a shout out on Twitter to thank her and her handler for their hard work and dedication to the people.

Over 50 lives were saved thanks to Frida, and out of them, 12 were in such critical condition that they would have died soon without her help…but her work hasn’t stopped.

After another earthquake hit Mexico just two weeks later, she was shipped out to help even more people. Wearing her protective gear helps to keep her safe on her rescue missions, and together with her handler, she navigates the oftentimes unsafe terrain to search for signs of life. Once people caught wind of how the dog spent her time in the field, they began to praise her incredible drive and sending her their love. Hundreds of thousands of people have shared her story online, and it has caused an increased interest in the situations that rescue dogs work in…and has even led to people donating little doggie booties for other rescue dogs!

Many people didn’t know that rescue dogs needed special boots to protect their feet and were eager to donate booties to other dogs!

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