Boyfriend Has Girlfriend Arrested…In Order To PROPOSE! Would YOU Be This Calm?!

Greg had a crazy plan to propose to his girlfriend, Brooklyn, but it involved getting his department involved for one truly outrageous stunt! Greg knew that his buddies would help him pull it off…all that was left to do was set up the scene!

The photographer, Samantha of SamSlay Photography, contacted Brooklyn and told her that in order to build up a portfolio, would it be possible to hold a “couple’s session” to update her website? They set up a meeting on Friday night…but as Brooklyn and Greg were heading to the location, she was pulled over by Greg’s accomplices.

One Sheriff’s deputy and one City Cop stopped the couple (while Sam hid inconspicuously!) and told Brooklyn some terrible news. Because she owed court costs on a previous speeding ticket, she was going to be arrested!They put her in the back of the cop’s car…but when the deputy said there had “been a mix-up” and let her out, Greg was there to get down on one knee! She was completely shocked! She had no idea that one of the worst moments would turn out to be the best! Greg and his buddies pulled off a crazy proposal, and Brooklyn had no idea! A lot of people were touched at the story, but even more claimed that they would have been in hysterical tears by the time they were placed in the back of the cop car…and that the pictures would have been just awful!

There would have been mascara running down my face! I would have been so mad!” Says one woman in the comments.

What do you think of Greg’s crazy proposal?

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