Boy Saves Sister’s Life By Spotting Cancerous Tumor While Play-Fighting!

Aaron and Amy East were playing around in their home in the UK when he began to tickle her. They were fighting back and forth when Amy threw her head back and laughed, allowing Aaron to see something strange in the back of his sister’s throat. Even though Aaron was just 11, he knew that something was wrong so he ran to tell his mom. He was scared because he thought he had done something wrong, but he was worried for his sister.8.11a1

Amy, 7, was taken to the hospital on June 26th, and doctors decided to remove parts of the large tumor. It wasn’t normal and they were confused as to what it could be. They sent the mass out for biopsy and received the news on July 6th, diagnosing Amy with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a very rare form of cancer. It is so rare, in fact, that reportedly only about 60 kids in the UK are diagnosed each year. Doctors were able to remove most of the tumor, but her journey is only just beginning.

Amy’s a really happy-go-lucky confident girl and she gives me the strength to carry on, if I was her then I would be on the floor.” Carly, Amy’s mother said about the diagnosis.8.11a2

But her doctors have an ambitious plan, and mom knows that Amy is strong enough to see it through. The little girl faces 9 rounds of chemotherapy and will be raising money in order to afford proton beam therapy in America, but she, her mother, and her doctors are confident that she will come out of this ordeal even stronger than ever!

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