Boulder Falls Off Mountain. You’ll Never Guess What It Misses!

At first look, this video could pass easily as something from a motion picture. Unfortunately, it’s not. This is an actual footage of a horrific rock slide on the side of a highway. To make matters worse, a giant boulder rolls down the road and almost crushes a stalled vehicle.

Events like these happen when we least expect them. That’s why we must heighten our senses and have the presence of mind to act quickly. In this case, motorists should keep a close eye on road signs amid the blinding downpour. These road signs are the only guide that could save travelers from potential danger.

Other motorists and pedestrians within the vicinity have to act swiftly as well. Call for an ambulance, check the area for people who might need first aid, and most important of all, stay safe. A sudden event such as this requires everyone to help out because lives can be at stake, but can also be saved just the same.

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