Bored Farmer Creates Art While Herding Cattle

In Kansas, they have happy cows. Well, that’s according to farmer Derek Klingenberg who owns a strong and healthy herd. However, his farm animals are not smiling for the camera. They’re doing something bigger and this video shows the surprising “art” they’ve created.

Derek took his drone and flew it over his field. Next, he took his truck and dropped feeds on strategic places. Finally, he let the cows free. What you get is a masterpiece he calls “CowArt”. The perfect view from above is surely amazing, and the first image they’ve created is probably the largest smiley you’ve ever seen.

Apparently, this isn’t the only thing farmer Derek has done with his cows. Back in 2014, he has serenaded the herd by playing Lorde’s Royals with a trombone. Now that’s something you would probably do when you get all bored in a farm with these animals. Just don’t forget to record and upload the video because it might just go viral.

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