Blind Woman Approaches Bikers And Has A Heartwarming Request!

Levi Hicks was out riding with some friends. They had stopped in a gas station parking lot, their bikes all lined up in a row outside, drawing the attention of Susan, a woman who had an unexpected request!

When her family told her that there were bikes outside of the Go Mart, she immediately asked to speak to one of the bikers and offered a $20 bill if one of them would give her a ride around the parking lot. When Hicks asked why she wanted a ride, her answer warmed his heart and he immediately refused her money.Susan had always wanted to ride a motorcycle – it was on her bucket list – and that she wanted a picture to send to her son. When Hicks told her that he would give her a ride and told her to follow him to the row of bikes, she revealed that she was actually blind. She needed help getting onto the bike and she needed to be taught how to hold on.

He didn’t hesitate for a moment! He and her friends helped her to climb up, and they showed her were to place her hands to be safe during the ride. At a moderate pace, Hicks drove her around the large parking lot as her friends snapped pictures!

We went around the lot and when we came back to park, she couldn’t stop smiling. Not only did this make her day, but it made mine as well.” Hicks wrote.

Susan warmed a lot of hearts that day, and now she gets to cross one thing off of her list!

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