Blind Pup Got Lost In The Woods And Is Finally Discovered 8 Days Later!

Sage, the Cole family’s blind Lab, was 12 years old when she went missing. She had been spending time with her family in their back yard, but as they went inside, they each thought another person had brought her in and she ended up being left outdoors for over an hour. Normally, she’d spend her time sniffing around the scenery…but this time, she had decided to go for a walk.

In their panic, they enlisted the help of several neighbors, searching deep into the night. They had no luck.
For days afterwards, people kept searching. As the days stretched to a week, they began looking for a body instead, wondering if maybe their beloved pooch had been killed by a predator.

But on day eight, Dan, the family’s neighbor was out walking his own dogs in the forest nearby. His two dogs, Barnabas and Koelsch, usually took Sage out on their walks in the brush, and they were missing their friend too. Suddenly, Dan spotted a garbage bag near the bank of the stream. He initially got angry because he hated it when people littered….but then he realized that it was Sage!She wasn’t moving, and Dan was preparing to give the bad news to the family…but as his dogs went closer to investigate, they got excited! She was too weak to move, and so he carried her up the path!The brave pup was returned home. Though she hadn’t eaten in eight days, she hadn’t given up hope that her family would find her!

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