Blind Cat Finds His Special Human And Won’t Let Go For Anything!

A woman, who goes by the screen name Dakizo, was on a vacation to visit her family a few states away when she decided to visit their local animal shelter. While she was there, she met an 8-year-old cat that was having a hard time.

Jeremiah, the aging tabby, had been dropped off by his previous owner a year before when he began urinating all around the house instead of in his litter box. The previous owner had tried everything to help him, but in the end, knew that she couldn’t give him the care that he needed and surrendered him to the shelter.

His anxiety makes being around other cast nearly impossible and makes his litter box issues even worse. The shelter keeps him in a room all of his own to help him cope with his day to day struggles.Dakizo fell in love with Jeremiah and visits him as often as possible. He spends each visit snuggling and cuddling and holding her hands until she had to leave. If it weren’t for her three other cats at home, she says that she would adopt him in a heartbeat!She takes pictures of him every time that she is in town and hopes that someone will see Jeremiah for the lovable cat that he is and give him a new chance at life in a loving home.

Since she began to post about him, the shelter reports that Jeremiah has many daily visitors and rarely spends a moment alone! He sure is loved!

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